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Ludwig van

1770 - 1827

Complete works


Ludwig van Beethoven ( baptised 17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827) was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers.
His best-known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 piano concertos, 1 violin concerto, 32 piano sonatas, 16 string quartets, his great Mass the Missa solemnis, and one opera, Fidelio.

Adelaide, Op 46

Peter Schreier, tenor
Walter Olbertz, piano

Sacred Songs. Op. 48

Jessye Norman, soprano.
James Levine, piano.

6 Gesänge, Opus 75

1) Mignon - Kennst Du Das Land (Do You Know The Land?) 
2) Neue Liebe, neues Leben (New Love, New Life) 4:27
3) Aus Goethes Faust - Mephistos Flohgesang (Mephisto's Song Of The Flea) 7:09
4) Gretels Warnun (Gretel's Warning) 9:27
5) An den fernen Geliebten (To My Man Who is Far Away) 11:29
6) Der Zufriedene (The Contented One) 14:48
Hermann Prey, baritone - Pamela Coburn, soprano -
Leonard Hokanson, piano

Scottish Songs Op 108 156 157 158

Vocal worcs

01. Meerstile und gluckliche Fahrt, Cantata Op. 122 8:08
Intérprete:   Bach Society of Minnesota, Stanislav Skrowaczewski - Minnesota Orchestra
02. Chorphantasie, for piano, chorus & orchestra, in C minor Op. 88 20:01
Intérprete:  Jerzy Semkow - Walter Klien (piano), Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
03. Elegischer Gesang Op. 118  6:00
Intérprete:  Jerzy Semkow - Walter Klien (piano), Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
04. Bundeslied "In allen guten Stunden" 4:30
Intérprete:  Barbara Emilia Schedel, soprano; Daniel Schreiber & Rainer Tetenberg, tenor, Michael Wagner; piano
05. Cantata campestre "Un lieto brindisi" WoO 103 5:29
Intérprete:  Barbara Emilia Schedel, soprano; Daniel Schreiber & Rainer Tetenberg, tenor, Michael Wagner; piano
06. Birthday Cantata for Prince Lobkowitz "Es lebe unser theurer Furst" WoO 106 2:13
Intérprete:  Barbara Emilia Schedel, soprano; Daniel Schreiber & Rainer Tetenberg, tenor, Michael Wagner; piano
07. Kurz ist der Schmerz, fur Louis Spohr (canon) WoO 166 4:47
Intérprete:  Daniel Schreiber, Tobias Altvater, Rainer Tetenberg
08. Opferlied Hess 91 4:34
Intérprete:   Heike Heilmann (soprano), Anne Bierwith (alto), Daniel Johannsen (tenor), Manfred Bittner (bass), Elisabeth Grünert (piano)
09. Hochzeitslied WoO 105 1:52
Intérprete:  Heike Heilmann (soprano), Anne Bierwith (alto), Daniel Johannsen (tenor), Manfred Bittner (bass), Elisabeth Grünert (piano)
10. Abschiedsgesang an Wiens Burger WoO 121 3:18
Intérprete:   Florian Prey (baritone), Norbert Groh (piano)
11. Kriegslied der Osterreicher WoO 122 3:33
Intérprete:  Florian Prey (baritone), Norbert Groh (piano)
12. Opferlied WoO 126 2:44
Intérprete:  Florian Prey (baritone), Norbert Groh (piano)
13. Es ist vollbracht, final song from the Singspiel "Die Ehrenpforten" of F. Treitsche, WoO 97 5:07
Intérprete:   Siegfried Vogel (bass), Arthur Apelt - Chor der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin, Staatskapelle Berlin
14. Opfield Op. 121b 6:06
Intérprete:    Helmut Koch - Ingeborg Springer (mezzo soprano), Großen Chores Des Berliner Rundfunks, Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Berlin

12 Irish Songs WoO 154

The Elfin Fairies
Oh harp of Erin
The Farewell Song
The pulse of an Irishman
Oh! who, my dear Dermot
Put round the bright wine
From Garyone, my happy home
Save me from the grave and wise
Oh! would I were but that sweet linnet (duet)
The hero may perish (duet)
The Soldier in a Foreign Land (duet)
He promised me at parting (duet)

26 Welsh Songs WoO 155


Opus 46: "Adelaide" – song (1794–1795)
Opus 48: "Gellert Songs" – song set (1802)
Opus 52: 8 Lieder
Opus 75: 6 Gesänge (1809)
Opus 82: 4 Arietten und ein Duett (1809–10)
Opus 83: Three Songs (1810)
Opus 88: "Das Glück der Freundschaft" (1803)
Opus 94: "An die Hoffnung" (2nd version, 1815)
Opus 98: An die ferne Geliebte – song cycle (April 1816) (“The first true song cycle in the history of music”)
Opus 99: Der Mann von Wort (Summer 1816)
Opus 100: Merkenstein (2nd setting, 1815; about the Merkenstein ruins)
Opus 108: Twenty-five Scottish Songs
Opus 128: Ariette (Der Kuss) (1798, 1822)
WoO 107 - 151
WoO 108: An einen Säugling (1783)
WoO 109: Erhebt das Glas mit froher Hand (Trinklied beim Abschied zu singen) (1791 or 1792)
WoO 110: Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels (?)
WoO 111: Punschlied (1791 or 1792)
Hess 133: Das liebe Kätzchen (March 1820)
Hess 134: Der Knabe auf dem Berge (March 1820)

Folksong arrangements

Opus 108: 25 Scottish Songs
WoO 152: 25 Irish Songs
WoO 153: 20 Irish Songs
WoO 154: 12 Irish Songs
WoO 157: 12 Songs Of Various Nationalities
WoO 155: 26 Welsh Songs
WoO 156: 12 Scottish Songs
WoO 158b: 7 British Songs
WoO 158c: 6 Songs Of Various Nationalities
WoO 158a: 23 Songs Of Various Nationalities

Secular vocal works

Opus 65: Ah! perfido
Opus 116: Tremate empi tremate
Opus 118: Elegiac Song
Opus 121b: Sacrificial Song
Opus 122: Song of Fellowship
WoO 89: Prüfung des Küssens
WoO 92: Mit Mädeln sich vertragen
WoO 92: Primo amore
WoO 92a: No non turbarti
WoO 93: Ne' giorni tuoi felici
WoO 95: Chor for the Allied Princes
WoO 99 – Polyphonic songs  No. 1 - No. 11 
WoO 102 - WoO 106
WoO 100: Lob auf den Dicken
WoO 101: Graf, liebster Graf
WoO 159: Im Arm der Liebe ruht sich's wohl
WoO 161: Ewig Dein
WoO 163 - WoO 203
Hess 231: Sei mio ben
Hess 228: Salvo tu vuoi lo sposo?
Hess 210: Fra tutte le pene (2nd version)
Hess 230: Giura il nocchier (1st version)
Hess 276: Herr Graf, ich komme zu fragen
Hess 277: Esel aller Esel

Complete Works


Symphonies (1- 9)


Works for soloist and orchestra
Overtures and incidental music

Chamber music

Piano trios
String trios
String quartets
Piano quartets
String quintets
Chamber music with winds


Sonatas for solo instrument and piano
Violin sonatas
Cello sonatas
Horn sonata

Piano sonatas

Vocal music



Folksong arrangements
Secular vocal works


Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (1-3)

01. The Return to Ulster
02. Sweet Power of Song!
03. Once more I hail thee

Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (4-8)

04. The morning air plays on my face
05. On the Massacre of Glencoe
06. What shall I do to shew her how much I love her
07. His boat comes on the sunny tide
08. Come draw we round a cheerful ring

Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (9-12)

09. Our bugles sun truce; or, The Soldier's Dream
10. The Deserter
11. Thou emblem of faith
12. English Bulls; or, The Irishman in London

Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (13-17)

13. Musing on the roaring ocean
14. Dermot and Shelah
15. Let brain-spinning swains
16. Hide not thy anguish
17. In vain to this desert my fate I deplore

Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (18-21)

18. They bid me slight my Dermot dear
19. Wife, Children, and Friends
20. Farewell bliss and Farewell Nancy
21. Morning a cruel turmoiler is

Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (22-25)

22. From Garyone, my happy home
23. A wand'ring gypsey, Sirs, am I
24. The Traugh Welcome
25. O harp of Erin

Volksliedbearbeitungen (Folg Song arrangements, Ecosse,
Irlande and Galles)

Mehrstimmige Italienische Gesange, WoO99

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