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Wolfgang Amadeus

1756 - 1791

Complete works


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  was a prolific composer and wrote in many genres.
Perhaps his best-admired work is in opera, the piano concerto and sonata, the symphony, and in the string quartet and string quintet.
Mozart also wrote much work for solo piano, other forms of chamber music, masses and other religious music, and numerous dances, divertimentos, and other forms of light entertainment.

How Mozart's compositions are listed. The indication "K." or "KV" refers to Köchel Verzeichnis (Köchel catalogue), i.e. the (more or less) chronological (i.e. by composition date) catalogue of Mozart's works by Ludwig von Köchel. This catalog has been amended several times, leading to ambiguity over some KV numbers.
The compositions of Mozart listed below are grouped thematically, i.e. by type of composition. Not all thematic groups of Mozart's works have a separate numbering that is generally accepted: Köchel only numbers symphonies (1 to 41), piano concertos (1 to 27, leaving out some early transcriptions by Mozart) and a few other groups. On the other hand, for most chamber music and vocal music there is no such numbering (or at least no generally accepted one).
Only relatively few of Mozart's compositions have opus numbers, as not so many of his compositions were published during his lifetime, so numbering by opus number proves quite impractical for Mozart compositions.

Sacred music
Mozart's sacred music is mainly vocal, though also instrumental examples exist, like the Sonate da Chiesa for 2 violins, double bass and organ, composed between 1767 and 1780. His sacred music presents a rich stylistic mosaic: Gregorian choral elements meet rigorous counterpoint, and even operatic elements can sometimes emerge. Stylistic unity and consistency is present over all his sacred music work.


Missa brevis in G major, K. 49 (1768)
Missa brevis in D minor, K. 65 (1769)
Missa solemnis in C major, Dominicusmesse, K. 66 (1769)
Missa solemnis in C minor, Waisenhausmesse, K. 139 (1768)
Missa brevis in G major, Pastoralmesse, K. 140 (1773; attribution uncertain)
Missa brevis in F major, K. 192 (1774)
Missa in honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis, K. 167 (1773)
Missa brevis in D major, K. 194 (1774)
Sparrow Mass in C major, Spatzenmesse, K. 220 (1775–6)
Credo Mass in C major, Credo Mass, K. 257 (1776)
Missa brevis in C major, Piccolomesse, K. 258 (1775)
Missa brevis in C major, Organ Solo, K. 259 (1775–6)
Missa longa in C major, K. 262 (1776)
Missa brevis in B-flat major, K. 275 (1777)
Coronation Mass, K. 317 (1779)
Missa solemnis, Missa aulica, K. 337 (1780)
Great Mass in C minor, K. 427 (1782–3; unfinished)


Missa brevis in G major , K.49

Missa brevis in D minor , K.65

Mass in C major "Dominicus Messe" , K.66

Missa solemnis in C minor "Waisenhausmesse" , K.139

Missa brevis in G "Pastoralna",  KV 140

Missa in Honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis, K. 167

Missa brevis in F major, K.192

Missa brevis in D major , K.194

Missa brevis in C major "Spatzenmesse" , K.220

Credo Mass in C major , K.257

Spaur Mass in C major , K.258

Missa Brevis in C , K.259

Complete Works


Childhood symphonies (1764–1771)
Salzburg-era symphonies (1771–1777)
Late symphonies (1778–1788)

Piano concertos
Violin concertos

Wind concertos
Horn concertos
Woodwind concertos
Concertante symphonies

Piano music
Violin music
String quartets
String quintets
Piano trios



Sacred music

Liturgical works
Church sonatas
Organ music


Oratorios and cantatas
Concert arias, songs and canons


Missa longa in C major, K.262

Missa brevis in B-flat major, K. 275

Coronation Mass in C major , K.317

 Missa solemnis in C major , K.337

 Great Mass in C minor, K.427

Conductor: Leonard Bernstein 

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